Old Virginia Obituaries
I know that not everyone finds relatives on here, at least not yet! However I do want to mention that I have had people write me and tell me that they have found family on here, sometimes more than one! I am so glad about that and I will keep on posting more. 

Please do let me know though if you find relatives on these pages!

 I have these pages done in alphabetical order by surnames. However, the obituaries are not in perfect alphabetical order, the reason being I will be adding more obituaries all the time, so it would be too difficult for me to keep the obits on each page in exact alphabetical  order.
 These obituaries are from old Virginia newspapers from 1790-1940. I have done the research in finding these obituaries myself. I thank those of you who offer obits, but I do prefer getting them myself.
Please remember the further back in years you go the less obituaries were in the newspapers and the less information those obituaries had. 
Again, please let me know if you find family in these obituaries.

 Remember to check back on this site from time to time as I will always be adding more obits!

And, thank you so much for visiting!
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