surnames beginning with J
DIED,-At his residence in Northampton county, Virginia, after a lingering illness of several months at 11 o'clock P. M., on the 7th instant, THOMAS JACOB, in the 54th year of his age. In the death of this truly amiable and excellent man, there has been a chasm made in society, that will not shortly be supplied. Mr. Jacob was a man of modest and unassuming manners; of correct  deportment and unimpeachable integrity. He was a kind and obliging neighbour, a tender and affectionate father, and a warm friend. his course through life was such as to excite the admiration, and gain the friendship of all. This dispensation of providence is afflicting to his friends, but how much more so is it to his four sons and three daughters, who knew not what it was to be denied a favor or kindness by him; but while they shed the tear of anguish over his grave, they must receive a consolation from the hope (which is derived from his upright, honest and benevolent course of conduct) that he not only "sleeps with his fathers," but that he is the full fruition of the blessings of Heaven:
      "But if death frightful, what has age to fear?
        If prudent, age should meet the friendly foe,
        And shelter in his hospitable gloom."
from the "Richmond Enquirer," Richmond, Va., Saturday, March 19, 1831 issue

At Louisa Court-House, Va., July 30, 1857, of scarlet fever, GEORGE FRENCH, youngest son of Col. Francis W. Jones, aged about 2 years.
from "The Daily Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, August 5, 1857 issue

In Chesterfield, after a few days illness, of typhoid pneumonia, on the 27th of February, 1862 at half-past 8 o'clock P. M., ELIJAH JOHNSON, in the 56th year of his age.
from the"Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Monday, March 3, 1862 issue

JOHNSTON.-Died, at the residence of his mother, "The Grove," Henrico county, Va., at 10 P. M., October 5, 1905, JOSEPH A JOHNSTON, Jr., only child of Rebecca and the late Joseph A. Johnston; aged eight years eleven months and nine days.
Funeral at Emmanuel Church, henrico county, SUNDAY, October 7th, at 4:30 P. M.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, October 7, 1906 issue

                                                  Ernest W. Johnson.
  Funeral services for Ernest W. Johnson, who died at his residence on Fulton Hill Sunday night, will be conducted at the home this afternoon at 3 o'clock .
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, February 19, 1924 issue

                                          Mrs. Virginia James.
  Funeral services for Mrs. Virginia James, who died Sunday afternoon at the residence of her son-in-law, William G. Cavedo, 2807 East Broad Street, will be conducted this afternoon at 3 o'clock. Interment will be in Oakwood Cemetery.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, February 19, 1924 issue

                              James Madison Jones.
FREDERICKSBURG, VA., Feb. 13.-James Madison Jones, 80, a Confederate veteran, died recently at his home near Eley's Ford, Culpeper County. He leaves five sons and two daughters-J. C. Jones, Washington; Judson Jones, Dunnavant; Robert C. and Charles T. Jones, Hanover; Waller M. Jones, Culpeper; Mrs. Mona Chewning, Fredericksburg and Mrs. Funica Chewning, Dunnavant, Va. The deceased also is survived by one brother, Richard Jones, of Orange County; a half-brother, William Jones, Orange, and a half-sister, Mrs. Dora Jones, Alexandria.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, February 14, 1923 issue

                                               Solomon T. Jenkins.
Funeral services for Solomon T. Jenkins, 76, who died at his home, Belle Farm, Hanover County, will take place tomorrow afternoon at 3 o'clock at his home. Burial will be in Forest Lawn Ceetery. He is survived by thgree sons, Ernest L., Alonzo P. and Calvert H. Jenkins; four daughters, Misses Elvira, Ruby, Elise and Corinne Jenkins, and three grandchildren.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, December 25, 1928 issue

                                               Mrs. Willis B. Johns.
CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., November 25.- Mrs. Willis B. Johns, wife of Robert W. Johns, of Shipman, Va., died yesterday at a local hospital, and her funeral was held this afternoon from the residence of her daughter, Mrs. O. M. Wood, his city. Mrs. Johns is survived by her husband and two children, Herbert W. Johns, of Shipman, and Mrs. Wood.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Monday, November 26, 1917 issue

                                       Mrs. Nellie Barnes Jordon.
Mrs. Nellie Barnes Jordon, wife of Mr. Robert Jordon, died at her home, No. 3013 East Clay Street, Sunday morning at 7:30 o'clock. She was about nineteen years of age, and is survived by her husband and an infant. The funeral will take place from the East End Baptist Church at 3 o'clock this afternoon, and the interment will be in Oakwood.
from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, February 28, 1905 issue,
p. 9, c. 2

                                     Mrs. Jane Denham Johnston.
Richmond, Va., Nov. 19.-Mrs. Jane Denham Johnston, widow of James Johnston, died at the residence of Mrs. S. A. Stevenson, No. 324 South Pine street, yesterday morning at 3:30 o'clock, in the 78th year of her age.                          
from  "The Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch," Norfolk, Va., Thursday afternoon, November 19, 1908 issue

                                  Deaths in Roanoke.
ROANOKE, VA., Sept. 8.-Miss Allene Johnston, daughter of Mrs. Mary A. Johnston, died this morning. She was a sister of James. D. Johnston, ex-president of the City Council, and Mrs. Mason Jamison.
  from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, September 9, 1904 issue, p. 7

                                  Richard H. Jeffries.
Walkerton, Va., March 18.--Richard H. Jeffries died at the residence of his son, John Jeffries, near Biscoe, on March 17. In the seventy-eighth year of his age. He served through the war in Company I., Twenty-sixth Virginia Regiment.
  from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, March 19, 1911 issue, p. 6, c. 5

                                   Charles L. Jones.
Funeral services for Charles L. Jones, who died at the home of his son-in-law, W. P. Carney, Tuesday, July 22, will be conducted from the Church of the Holy Comforter today at 4 o'clock, and interment will be in Oakwood Cemetery.
  from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, July 24, 1924 issue

                                                    Alice M. James.
PETERSBURG, VA., July 23.--Alice M. James, 8 years old, daughter of Alice P. and the late Charles T. James, died yesterday at the home of her mother, in Chesterfield County. Funeral services were held this afternoon at the grave in Blandford Cemetery. Rev. C. H. Fielding, pastor of Ivy Memorial M. E. Church, officiated.
  from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, July 24, 1924 issue

                                                Mrs. D. A. Jenkins.
  LURAY, VA., May 24.-Mrs. Dollie A. Jenkins, aged about 70 years, widow of A. R. Jenkins, a former well-known citizen of this county, died yesterday at her home near Alma, nine miles south of Luray. She had been sick for several years. She is survived by several children.
  from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, May 25, 1906 issue, p. 2

                                    Jacob H. Johnson.
ABINGDON, VA., October 7.-Jacob H. Johnson, one of the most prominent farmers in the lower end of the county, died suddenly at his home to-day, aged sixty-eight years. A widow and six children survive him.
  from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va.,Tuesday, October 8, 1907 issue, p. 4, c. 6

JACOB.-Entered into rest, after many years of suffering and illness, at 9:50 A. M. Friday, December 11, 1891, at the residence of her husband, No. 1447 east Main street, Mrs. MOLLIE JACOB, beloved wife of Harris Jacob, in the fifty-sixth year of her age.
The funeral will take place from above residence on SUNDAY, December 13, 1891, at 3 o'clock P. M. The congregation Keneseth Israel and friends are respectfully invited to attend without further notice.
  Please omit flowers.                          
  from  "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Saturday, December 12, 1891 issue

                                     MRS. NOBLE M. JORDAN
  LYNCHBURG, March 25--Mrs. Bessie Ligon Jordan, 53, died at 7:45 A M. today at her home here after an attack of pneumonia. She was born in Powhatan county, the daughter of George William and Mrs. Mary Harvey Tucker Ligon. She was a member of the U.D.C. and D.A.R. For several years she made her home in Richmond. Mrs. Jordan is survived by her husband, Noble Murray Jordan and a daughter, Mrs. J. Owen Jones of Montvale, N. J. The funeral will be conducted at the grave in Riverview Cemetery, Richmond, at 4 P. M. Thursday.                          
  from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, March 26, 1936 issue, p. 20, c. 2

                                                  John W. Joyner.
AMHERST, VA., May 15.-Mr. John W. Joyner, of this county, died at his home near Poplar House, Saturday night, and was buried in the family burying ground on his place this morning.
Mr. Joyner was taken ill about two weeks ago and since that time there had been no hope of his recovery, for over ten days before his death he took no nourishment.
Mr. Joyner fought in the Confederate army throughout the war, belonging to Company H, of the Nineteenth Virginia Infantry. He was one of the veterans upon whom the Dr. John Thompson Chapter, of the United Daughters of the Confederacy, bestowed crosses of honor on the 10th of last August.
Mr. Joyner's widow and several children and his brother, Mr. H. C. Joyner, treasurer of Amherst county, survive him. Mr. Joyner was a devout member of Poplar Methodist Church. For many  years prior to his death he was the honored superintendent of the Sunday-school at this place. The burial services were conducted by his pastor, Rev. R. B. Blankenship.        
  from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, May 16, 1905 issue, p. 4, c. 6

                                 MRS. MARY A. JONES
NEWPORT NEWS, VA., Nov. 18-The funeral of Mrs. Mary A. Jones, widow of the late Marvus Jones, former mayor of Newport News, was held here this afternoon from her home with the Rev. J. K. M. Lee of St. Paul Episcopal church, officiating, and Dr. E. T. Wellford of the First Presbyterian Church assisting.              
  from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, November 19, 1933 issue, p. 8, c. 3

                                                  PERCY JENKINS
HEATHSVILLE, VA., Nov. 18-Percy Jenkins, 11, son of Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Jenkins, died at the home of his parents early Monday morning, following an illness of three days. He is survived by his parents, four sisters and two brothers.             
  from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, November 19, 1933 issue, p. 8, c. 4

                                   Mrs. Walter N. Jones.*
Mrs. Walter N. Jones, of Petersburg, Va., died Sunday morning at 10:10 o'clock. Mrs. Jones was Miss Ada Vaughan before her marriage. The funeral will take place from the home in Washington Street tomorrow morning at 11 o'clock.

JONES.-Died, suddenly, Sunday, December 2, 1906, at 10 A. M., at her residence, 313 West Washington Street, Petersburg, Va., ADA VIRGINIA VAUGHAN JONES, wife of Walter N. Jones.
Funeral from her late residence TUESDAY, December 4, 1906, at 11 A. M. Friends are invited to attend.            
  from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Monday, December 3, 1906 issue,
p. 3, c. 6 & 7

                                        Alexander Jones.
Mr. Alexander Jones, eighty-seven years old, died in the Soldier's Home at 12:20 P. M. yesterday, Mr Jones was a veteran of the Civil War, having served under General Jackson. He leaves, besides his wife, the following children: John W. Jones, of Richmond; D. D. Jones, of Staunton, Va.; L. W. Jones, of Hallaboro, Va.; Mrs. W. F. Pond, Mrs. E. A. Martin, of Richmond, Va.; Mrs. R. A. Barden, of Amelia county, and Mrs. C. O. Wash, of West Virginia.
The funeral will take place from the chapel at the Soldier's Home at 11 o'clock this morning and interment will be at the old home place in Amelia county.

JONES.-Died, at the Soldier's Home, on December 3d, at 12:20 P. M., ALEXANDER JONES, in his eighty-seventh year.
  Funeral will take place from the Soldier's Home Chapel on TUESDAY, December 4th, at 11 A. M. Burial will be at old home place in Amelia county.

Dearest loved one we must lay thee
In the peaceful grave's embrace,
But thy memory will be cherished
'Till we see thy heavenly face.

Peaceful be thy silent slumber,
Peaceful in thy grave so low;
Thou no more will join our number,
Thou no more our songs shall know.

Yet again we hope to meet thee
When the day of life is fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee,
Where no farewell tears are shed.
   from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Monday, December 3, 1906 issue,
p. 3, c. 6 & 7

                             MRS. ROBERT O. JEFFREY.
Arvonia, Va., Feb. 10.-Mrs. Robert O. Jeffrey, sister of the late John R. and Evan D. Williams, died at her home here Saturday.
   from  "The Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch," Norfolk, Va., February 10, 1913 issue, p. 9, c. 4

                            FRANKLIN P. JONES
AMELIA, April 11.-Franklin Pierce Jones, 82, died at his home Friday afternoon, March 30, at Earls, Amelia County, following an attack of pneumonia. The Rev. W. L. Lillaston, of Blackstone conducted funeral services held at the home on April 1. He is survived by three daughters, Mrs. C. B. Morris, Richmond; Mrs. J. N. Cosby, Earls, and Mrs. J. T. Patterson, Wellville, and eight grandchildren.
  from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, April 12, 1934 issue, p. 5, c. 4

                                          WILLIAM H. JORDAN.
William Henderson Jordan, 77, a resdent of Richmond for many years, died at the home of his daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Silver, 2205 Grayland Avenue, early today.
Mr. Henderson(?) was born in Lunenburg County, Sept. 17, 1860, and came to Richmond while still a young man. After his marriage to Emma Jane Garthright, he moved to Fluvanna County where he lived for several years.
On the death of his first wife, Mr. Jordan and his family moved to Richmond where he later married Miss Rosa Bailey whose death occured four years ago.
Surviving Mr. Jordan are two daughters, Mrs. Elizabeth C. Silver and Mrs. H. W. Goodwyn; three sons, E. Glenn Jordan and Earl B. Jordan, of Richmond, and Beverley D. Jordan, of Buffalo, N. Y., and two half-brothers, Ben Satterfield, of Jetersville, Va., and Wtney Satterfield, of New Canton, Va.
Funeral services willl be held at Fairmount Avenue Methodist Church on Thursday afternoon at 3 o'clock with interment in Oakwood Cemetery.
from "The Richmond News-Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, February 22, 1938 issue, p. 18, c. 6

                                  MISS EMILY PAGE JONES
Miss Emily Page Jones of 1908 Grove Avenue died Saturday at a local hospital. She was a daughter of the late Dr. George W. Jones and Mrs. Louise Carrington Jones. Surviving are a brother, William M. Jones of Albertville, Ala.; and two sisters, Miss Anne C. Jones and Mrs. Margaret J. Hoff of Fort Blackmore, Va. Funeral arrangements had not been comoleted last night.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, June 11, 1939 issue,
p. 16,c. 1

                                     Death of Robert Johnston.
Robert Johnston, son of the late Judge Ro. M. Johnston, of the County Court of Rockingham, died Monday morning at his home on South German street. He was 28 years of age. His health had been frail from childhood and for two years past he had been incapacitated for business. Only on Friday last did his condition become alarming, and from that time he failed rapidly. His death was due to Bright's disease.
Mr. Johnston was a young man of fine character. Of a retiring disposition, his circle of associates was limited, but among his intimates he was held in the highest esteem.
The funeral was held from the residence at 4 o'clock Tuesday evening. In the absence of Rev. Mr. Morton, of the Episcopal church, the service was conducted by Rev. Robt. C. Jett, of Emanuel church, Staunton. The pall-bearers were M. Botts Lewis, John P. Burke, D. B. Yancey, Lunsford Lewis, C. L. Wilton, Wilber Myers and I. P. Fletcher.
from "The Rockingham Register," Harrisonburg, Va., Friday, October 18, 1901 issue
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