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                         Mrs. W. H. T. Lewis.
RIPPON, VA., Dec. 8.-Mrs. W. H. T. Lewis, wife of Major W. H. T. Lewis, of "The Rocks", Jefferson county, Va., died to-night of typhoid fever, aged fifty-three years. Mrs. Lewis was Miss Kate S. Neill, daughter of the late Dr. S. S. Neill, of Berryville.
from "The Times-Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Fri., Dec. 9, 1904 issue, p. 7
                  MRS. HELEN COLEMAN LEIGH.
Mrs. Helen Coleman Leigh, 77 years old, died in her home in Williamsburg last evening. Sh had been confined in the house a month as the result of an accident, but her death came as a shock to the family and friends.
Mrs. Leigh who was the widow of Benjamin Watkins Leigh, of Halifax county, was a sister of the late Dr. Charles Coleman; had spent all of her long life in Williamsburg and was beloved by all who knew her.
The funeral service will be conducted to-morrow by the Re. W. A. R. Goodwin, and the burial will be in old Bruton churchyard, where Dr. Coleman is buried.
from "The News-Leader", Richmond, Va., Tues. afternoon, May 5, 1908 issue, p. 8, c. 2
DIED, on the night of the 14th inst. at his residence in Chesterfield, after a short but severe illness, which he bore with great and exemplary fortitude, Mr. Thomas Lafon, who early in life embraced the doctrines of Christianity, and became a member of the Baptist Society in Virginia, and has for many years been a preacher of the Gospel. A wife and eight children are not all that have sustained an irreparable loss in the death of this amiable man; but humanity ought to mourn, and will mourn, the death of him whose hand was ever stretch'd out for the relief of the unfortunate; and whose heart never felt a sentiment, but of universal charity and good will. As the father of a family, as a neighbour, and a friend, he stood preeminent; as a preacher of the gospel he was greatly esteemed the doctrines which he had embraced with a tenderness and fervour, that was irresistable; he rebuked with mildness; and whe he council'd, his looks more than his words possessed a kind of eloquence, that conveyed that council with force to every heart. His parting with his weeping family and friends, was a tender and melancholy one; but death had no terrors for a soul like his; even the placid smile of universal phylanthropy which ever graced his countenance while living, did not forsake it in passing through the valley of the shadow of death. Ths is not intended as a tribute equal to his merits; for to pay that, would be impossible.

Not these weak lines, but thy good d____ shall tell,
To after times, what now is known full well,
That thou, preeminent in faith, hast trod
The narrow path that leads (thro' life) to God.
from the "Petersburg Republcan", Petersburg, Va., Fri., Sept. 20, 1816 issue
DIED-At his seat in Gloucester county, Col. THOMAS LEWIS, of the 4th Reg. Virginia Artillery. He has left many relatives and acquaintances to regret the loss of a sincere friend and truly honest man.                  
from the "Virginia Argus", Richmond, Va., Sat., Nov. 30, 1805 issue, p. 3
                         Mrs. Sarah J. Logan.
Mrs. Sarah J. Logan, widow of Samuel B. Logan, of New Orleans, who made Richmond her home for several years, died at Bloomingdale, Somerset, Va. the funeral service were held from the home of Mr. and Mrs. Eustace S. Golsan Sunday morning, March 13. The interment was made in Hollywood Cemetery yesterday afternoon at 4 o'clock.          
from "The Times-Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Tues., March 15, 1910 issue, p. 2
                         Mrs. Burwell Laffee.
BARROW'S STORE, VA., October 6.-Mrs. Burwell Laffee, nee Daniel, died on Thursday night at her home near Danieltown from the effects of typhoid fever, and her remains were interred in the family cemetery at Rocky Run on yesterday at 10 o'clock A. M. Rev. Loyd C. Moore, her pastor in charge, officiated. Mrs. Laffee was much beloved by all who knew her, and her death cast a gloom over our midst. She was married only about six or eight months ago.
Miss Lee H. Justice is quite sick with fever, but her many friendshope for her speedy recovery.  
from "The Times-Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Sun., Oct. 7, 1906 issue, p. 5
                          Mr. Samuel B. Lucy.
Mr. Samuel B. Lucy died at 11:30 o'clock yesterday morning with a congestive chill at his residence, 2701 East Franklin Street. He was stricken several days ago, and grow rapidly worse until his death.
Mr. Lucy was manager of the Standard Sewing Machine Company, with which he has been associated many years. He settled early in Richmond from Brunswick county, and stood high both in business and social circles. Mr. Lucy is survived by his wife and two daughters. Misses Minnie and Mollie Lucy. He was a member of the Mystic Shrine, Knoghts Templar, Royal Arcanum, Woodmen of the World, and the Maccabees.
The funeral arrangements will be announced later.
from "The Times-Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Sat., Oct. 6, 1906 issue, p. 3
Saturday morning, March 1st, NICHOLAS LANNAN, aged 60 years, a native of the county of Kilkenny, Ireland.
His funeral will take place this afternoon, at 3 o'clock, from his late residence, Cary st., between 15th and Shockoe Creek. His friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.     from the "Richmond Dispatch", Richmond, Va., Mon., March 3, 1862 issue
                              T. H. Ligon Dead.
After weeks of suffering Tommie Ligon, eldest son of R. H. Ligon, passed away very early yesterday morning. The deceased had been under the bane of consumption and death was welcomed as an entrance to a better land. The funeral will take place to-day at 10 a.m. from the Methodist Church.
from "The Roanoke Times", Roanoke, Va., Fri., April 18, 1896 issue, p. 2, c. 1
DIED-On Wednesday last, by the bursting of a vomica(?) in his lungs, in the county of Stafford, whither he had retired for his health, Mr. GEO. WASHINGTON LEWIS, eldest son of Robert Lewis, Esqire, of this place.
This young gentleman had just qualified himself by an acquaintance with the classics, &c. for his entrance into the Collee at Princeton, where he was shortly to have gone, when the pulmonary Consumption, with its train of distressing symptons, seized him-He yielded like a tender plant to its deadly blest, (for he had not attained his 18th year,) and sunk in a few short weeks to the grave.
His death to his afflicted family, was peculiarly distressful; for unlike many young persons of his age, he had, by his undeviating application to his studies, and his unfeigned submission to every mandate of his parents, inspired a lively expectation that he would be both an ornament to society, and a stableprop to their declining years.-But alas! the "cruel spoiler came," and robbed them of their son and of their hopes.-Be instructed by this sad event, ye doating parents "what dust we doat on, when 'tis much we love" -and ye gay and giddy throng, by what a frail tenure your early(?) joys are held.
Some days before his death, he manifested much ____(?) about eternal things-This was like the Balm of Gilead to their breaking hearts. His remains were yesterday interred at Willis' Hill.
                           August 15, 1815
from the "Virginia Herald", Fredericksburg, Va., Sat., Aug. 19, 1815 issue, p. 3, c. 4
LIGHTFOOT-Died in Fulton, Henrico, Va., Jan. 16, 1895, Mr. Samuel Lightfoot, the affectionate husband of Mrs. Ardel Lightfoot in his 35th year. He died in the full triumph of faith. he leaves a wife and three brothers to mourn their loss. He was a consistent member of the Mt. Cavalry Bapt. Church for two years and eight months. He was love by all who knew him. He was an affectionate husband and a highly esteemed citizen. He was a member of Punctuality Fountain, No. 491, of the Union Depot. On arriving in Ashland the remains was met at the train by Mt. Zion Fountain, No. 4, of Ashland, and escorted to the Church. Rev. Archer Ferguson of Richmond officiated, assisted by the pastor of Shiloh Baptist Church.
              How short the race our Friend run,
                 Cut down in all his bloom;
              His cause but yesterday began,
                 Now finished in the Tomb.

              Hence joyous youth now learn how soon,
                 Your years may take their flight,
              Long, long before like brilliant noon,
                 May come death's gloomy night,

             By his wife, ARDEL LIGHTFOOT.  
from "The Planet", Richmond, Va., Sat., Jan. 26, 1895 issue
                                L. L. Littlepage.
  KING WILLIAM, VA., June 27.-L. L. Littlepage died here last Thursday at the home of his son, E. H. Littlepage, in the eighty-fourth year of his age. He is survived by two sons, Lewis Littlepage, of Norfolk, and E. W. Littlepage, of King William, Va., and their daughters, Miss Rosa Littlepage, of King William, Va.; Mrs. Vaiden, of Norfolk, Va., and Mrs. E. C. Moseley, of Danville, Va. he was a veteran of the War Between the States. 
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thurs., June 28, 1923 issue
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                                Adam L. Lelby.
Funeral services for Adam L. Lelby, whose death occurred Tuesday were held at 2:30 o'clock this afternoon at the residence, 2803 Church street. Rev. W. H. T. Squires, D. D., and W. W. Williford, secretary of the V. E. P. Co., Y. M. C. A., officiating. There was a large attendance and many floral offerings. Interment was in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
The pallbearers were Charles Heston, W. E. Carter, Job H. Gourley, Hunter Jordan, James Hubbard and James Creekman. 
from "The Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch," Norfolk, Va., Thurs., July 2, 1931 issue

LUCK.-Died Wednesday, July 11, 1928, at 1:15 A M., at the residence of her daughter, on Williambsurg Road, Martha Terrell, wife of the late G. O. Luck, in the 75th year of her age. She is survived by two daughters, Mrs. J. A. Swift and Mrs. Oscar Loyall; six sons, G. W., W. S., W. H., R. K., O. M. and C. J. Luck; two sisters, Mrs. Mary E. Luck and Mrs. Ella Humphries; two brothers, J. T. and James S. Terrell; also seventeen grandchildren and six great-grandchildren. The funeral will take place Thursday morning, at 11 o'clock, from Raleigh Forbes Memorial Church. Interment in family burying ground, Caroline County, Va.                       . 
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thurs., July 12, 1928 issue, p. 17
                           HARVEY LANE.
The body of Harvey Lane, whose death occurred in Isle of Wight county last Friday, was brought to Portsmouth for interment today, services being conducted at the grave side in Oak Grove cemetery by the Rev. Mr. Forrester, pastor of Central M. E. Church, assisted be a minister who accompanied the funeral party from Smithfield.                          from "The Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch," Norfolk, Va., Mon., Feb. 10, 1913 issue, p. 13, c. 5
FREDERICKSBURG, VA., Dec. 20.-Mrs. Oscar Lewis died at her home here yesterday after a lingering illness of consumption, aged thirty years. She is survived by her husband.                                                
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Weds., Dec. 21, 1904 issue, p. 12, c. 7
  Died, on Wednesday morning at 4 o'clock, after an illness of six weeks which he bore with Christian faith and resignation, WILLIAM T. LINDSAY, aged sixty-nine years.
  The funeral services will take place from Grace Street Baptist church TO-DAY (Thursday), at 12 o'clock noon. Friends and acquaintances of the family, also of his son-in-law, T. J. Todd, are respectfully invited to attend.           from the "Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thurs., Jan. 5, 1882 issue.
  Died, December 31, 1879, at 11:20 'clock P. M., at the residence of her husband, Lindon, Hanover county, Va. Mrs. VIRGINIA LIPSCOMB, in her sixty-ninth year.
Her burial will take place TO-DAY, January 2d, at her husband's residence.
Besides the indescribable grief to her immediate relatives, the death of this noble lady will bring sadness to many homes in which her bounteous charity has dispelled the dark gloom of poverty and distress to many a heart that has been healed by the balm of her sympathy; to a vast number to whom her abounding love and wise counsel were health in sickness, light in darkness, fortitude in pain, solid comfort in bitter adversity. To alleviate human suffering seemed to be Mrs. LIPSCOMB's chosen mission and intense delight. At home she was an amiable wife and devoted mother. The ornament of a eek and quiet spirit was the attraction which monopolized the admiration of strangers, and cemented the hearts of her loved ones so softly and firmly as that the dread secrets of the tomb and the withering torch of grief can never break assuneder nor crumble away. "Blessed are the dead that die in the Lord. They do rest from their labors, and their works do follow them."                       
  from the "Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Fri., Jan. 2, 1880 issue
                           Mrs. Bettie Loving.
  AMHERST, VA., Jan. 25.--Funeral services for Mrs. Bettie Penn Loving, who was 82 years old, were held Sunday at 12:30 o'clock, at the home of her daughter, Mrs. Charles N. Saunders, at Amherst, being conducted by Rev. E. E. Sumpter, of the Baptist Church, and Rev. H. C. Gregory, of the Methodist Church.    
  from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Weds., Jan. 26, 1927 issue
                          John Lynch, Jr.
  PURCELLVILLE, VA., Jan. 25.--John Lynch, Jr., died at his home in Round Hill early Monday morning. He was 45 years old, and is survived by his wife, who was Miss Maud Foulsen*, of Round Hill, and one small son. He is also survived by his father, one brother and two sisters, Mrs. Daisy Harley, of Round Hill, and Miss Mary Lynch, of Washington. Funeral services were held today with interment in Short Hill Cemetery.
  from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Weds., Jan. 26, 1927 issue
*Aubrey Hall says that Maud's surname was Poulsen, error was in original obit as I copy them verbatim.
                          DIES AT AGE OF 103.
                 Ephraim Long Leaves 145 Descendants.
                         Funeral Last Tuesday.
Christianburg, Va., February 3.-The funeral services of Phraim Long were conducted from the home of his son, Lloyd Long, on Tuesday by Rev. B. T. Landis, of Price's Fork.
Mr. Long was 103 years old, and leaves 145 descendants, among whom are eight great-great-grandchldren. His wife died about twenty years ago. Mr. Long was a member of the Lutheran Church, and the oldest person in this section.      
  from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sat., Feb. 4, 1911 issue, p. 5, c. 6
LYONS.-Died, Friday morning, December 11th, at 4:15 o'clock, CORNELIA R., wife of E. P. Lyons.
Funeral will take place at 2 P. M., TO-DAY. from her late residence, 1004 Floyd avenue. Friends of the family invited to attend.                              
  from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sat., Dec. 12, 1891 isue
                            Edward T. Lee.
HAMPTON, VA., May 15.-Mr. Edward T. Lee, who died on the 11th instant, was bruied two days later in the family burying ground at "Lee Hall," Warwick county, Va. He was an ex-Confederate soldier, a member of the lumber shipping firm of Lee and Clemmens and a farmer. He was a son of Richard Decatur and Martha Lee. His father was a nephew of Baker P. Lee, of "Briarfield," who was the father of the late Judge Baker P. Lee.
Mr. Lee was in the fifty-eighth year of his age. He left the school of Mr. Crenshaw, in Amelia county, at the age of sixteen and joined the army-the Junior Reserves, under Major Howard-and was made first lieutenant at the battle of Fort Harrison. He was taken prisoner at the evacuation of Richmnd, paroled in 1865, and came home to live the rest of his life and die at "Lee Hall," a splendid old estate, embracing originally 3,352 acres, which has descended from father to son in his family from the colonial period.
He was modest, retiring, gentle as a woman. The ignus-tatus(?) of fame had no allurements for him. He was slow to make promises slower far to break them. He kept his own counsel, wounded the feelings of no one, forgave faults in others and was strong enough to see his own, small as they were. He will be missed by many in his own county, who may need a friend, in sympathy, counsel or financial aid. The good man who was is no more, but the soul of another Christian gentleman knows the peace of that home beyond the sun.          from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tues., May 16, 1905 issue, p. 4, c. 6
  LOVING.- Died, at his residence, No. 803 Twenty-fifth street, June 7, 1890, at 12:52 P. M., M. E. LOVING, in the twenty-ninth year of his age, of the firm of W. T. Loving & Brother, builders.
He leaves a mother and brother and many friends to mourn their loss.
Funeral will take place from the Third Christian church, corner Twenty-sixth and Marshall streets, SUNDAY, June 8th, at 2 P. M. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend without further notice.
  from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, June 8, 1890 issue, p. 3
                           MRS. DORA LEDLEY.
Mrs. Dora Ledley, wife of Dan Ledley, died Sunday evening at her home, 3127 Parkwood avenue, and funeral services will be held from the residence at 2 P. M. Tuesday, with interment at Riverview. She is survived by her husband, a son, E. C. Ledley; four daughters, Mrs. T. B. Hooper, Mrs. T. Z. Orbaugh, Mrs. L. A. Stratton, Mrs. Avis Kane and a brother, Charles Hernline.
  from "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday, Jan. 14, 1929 issue, p. 18, c. 7
                           HARRY E. LOHMANN.
Funeral services for Harry E. Lohmann, 35, who died at St. Luke's hospital Sunday after a brief illness, will be conducted from Bethelehem Lutheran church at 3:30 o'clock today. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Carrie Hetzer Lohmann, of New York, and two sisters, Mrs. R. E. Harton, and Mrs. H. H. Gallman.
  from "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, Jan. 15, 1929 issue, p. 18, c. 8
                                 W. H. Lacy.
W. H. Lacy, aged 62, died yesterday at his home at West View, in Goochland county. Funeral services will be held tomorrow at 12:30 o'clock, and the body will then be shipped to Richmond for interment in Riverview cemetery at 5 o'clock. Mr. Lacy is survived by two sons, W. E. Lacy, of Newport News, and W.I. Lacy, of Goochland, besides his widow.
  from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Thursday, March 11, 1924 issue, p. 4, c. 7
                   MRS. JULIA PAGE LEADBETTER.
  Mrs. Julia Page Leadbetter died this morning at 2 o'clock in her home, 1413 West Main street. She was the wife of H. C. Leadbetter and was in the 21st year of her age.
  The funeral will take place at Taylorsville church, in Hanover, at 10 o'clock tomorrow morning.                                   from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Wednesday Afternoon, Dec. 24, 1903 issue

LECKY--Entered into rest Monday, June 26, 1939, at 9:30 A. M., at his residence, 411-A North Allen Avenue. Robert Lecky Jr. He is survived by his widow; a son, Prescott Lecky of New York, and a daughter, Mrs. Harry C. Stone of this city, and several grandchildren. Funeral services will be held Tuesday afternoon at 5 o'clock from Grace-Covenant Presbyterian Church. Interment in Hollywood.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, June 27, 1939 issue, p. 18, c. 4.
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