surnames beginning with T
                              William H. Tennant.
William H. Tennant, 58 years old, died suddenly yesterday while at his work. His funeral will take place from the home of his sister, Mrs. A. S. Lloyd, 519 North Twenty-fourth street, this afternoon at 5:30 o'clock. The burial will be in Oakwood.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday afternoon, May 24, 1910 issue

Yesterday evening, at 6 1/2o'clock, after a lingering illness, BENJAMIN TERRY, in the 39th year of his age. His funeral will take place This Afternoon, at 5 o'clock, from his late residence (over Mr. Edward Kersey's Jewelry store, on Main st.,) to which his friends and acquaintances are invited to attend without further notice.                                 from the "Daily Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Monday, March 27, 1854 issue

On Thursday the 24th instant, Mrs. ELIZABETH H. TRUEHEART, the amiable consort of Maj. WILLIAM TRUEHEART of Hanover county.
from the "Virginia Argus," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, January 29, 1799 issue, p. 3, c. 2

                            Mrs. Sue Faulkner Throm.
SOUTH BOSTON, March 24.-Mrs. Sue Faulkner Throm, wife of J. W. Throm, died at her home on Jeffries Street this morning from pneumonia. She is survived by her husband. The funeral will take place on Thursday morning at 11 o'clock from the Baptist Church of which she was a member. The interment will be made at Oak Ridge cemetery. 
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, March 25, 1915 issue, p. 3, c. 4

  TRAFTON.-On the 22d inst., at 8:08 p. m., at his residence, 325 Harrison street, Mr. WALTER J. TRAFTON, aged 68 years and 7 months.
  The funeral services will take place at the residence SUNDAY, 25th inst., at 3:30 p. m. Friends and acquaintances are respectfully invited to attend.           
from the "Norfolk Virginian," Sunday, August 25, 1889 issue, front page, c. 2

           MRS. M. S. THORNHILL, AGED 95, PASSES AWAY.              LYNCHBURG, VA., June 27.-Mrs. Mary S. Thornhill, 95 years old, widow of P. W. Thornhill, died Monday at her home, "Tower Hill," Appomattox County, her demise being the first death in her immediate family since the death of her husband, forty-two years ago.
  By coincidence, however, Mrs. Thornhill's great-great-grandchild, who was the infant child of Mr. and Mrs. Warren Jamerson, was buried the same day on an adjoining farm, the funerals representing the eldest and youngest of a family of more than fifty persons.
  Mrs. Thornhill is survived by two sons, H. W. Thornhill, of Roanoke, and J. H. Thornhill, and three daughters, Mrs. Sarah E. Naramora and Misses Martha and Nancy Thornhill, tmins(?), all of Appomattox. The youngest one of the five is about 65 years old.           
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Thursday, June 28, 1923 issue

                                           CALVIN H. TABB.
The funeral services of Calvin H. Tabb, who died last friday night in his residence at 928 Ann street, Park View, took place there at 4 o'clock Sunday afternoon, and were largely attended, attesting the wide acquaintance of the deceased.
  Rev. George H. Spooner, pastor of the Memorial Methodist Episcopal church, copnducted the services, and was asssted by Rev. T. McN. Simpson of Berkley ward, Norfolk.
  The Park View Engine Company No. 3, of which he was amember, attended the funeral with the United States Marine band. Portsmouth Lodge No. 82, B. P. O. Elks, was also represented by a large delegation of is membership.
  At the conclusion of the services the body was conveyed to Oak grove cemetery, where interment took place.
  The pallbearers were: Virginius Powers, R. L. Albert, Hugh N. Smith, Arthur F. Flynn, Leonard Guy, John B. Lindsay, Walter Stubbs, Charles Morris, Richard Tebault and Clarendon Williams.        from the "Virginian-Pilot," Norfolk, Va., Tuesday, October 12, 1909 issue

     She Passes Away at the Venerable Age of  92 years
ROANOKE, VA., July 3.-Mrs. Frances Turner, widow of Andrew E. Turner, of Henry county, aged 92 years and 6 months, died here yesterday of paralysis, at the residence of her son, C. M. Turner, Commissioner of the Revenue. Until a short time before her death she was remarkable for her strength of mind and bodily health. The remains were taken to Martinsville to-day for interment near there.     from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, July 4, 1893 issue, front page, c. 4

                                   PAGE C. TUCKER
LYNCHBURG, VA., July 16-Page Cornelius Tucker, 26, who lived here, died Friday night at Memorial Hospital from meningitis. He is survived by his widow, Mrs. Katherine Bryant Tucker; two children, Page and Ann Tucker, and his mother, Mrs. Alice B. Tucker, the latter of Lowesville.                                  
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, July 17, 1934 issue 

                             Fielding Lewis Taylor, Jr.
GLOUCESTER, C. H., VA., September 1.
The death of Fielding Lewis Taylor, Jr., at 2 o'clock this morning, has caused deep distress among the friends of Judge and Mrs. Taylor, of Rosewell.
  Fielding was taken with fever July 30. With the best medical attention and a trained nurse, it was thought he would get well. He was the only son of his parents, and was a lad of great promise.                                 from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, September 2, 1902 issue,
p. 10

                                MRS. ELLEN TURNER.
Mrs. Ellen Turner, widow of the late William H. Turner, of South Richmond, died suddenly last night at the home of her granddaughter, Mrs. L. McGee, 132 National street, Fulton. She was 85 years od, and has spent her entire life in old Manchester. She is survived by two sons, W. H. Turner, of Philadelphia, and J. R. Turner, of South Richmond; six grandchildren and four great-grandchildren. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed.
from "The Richmond News-Leader," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, December 4, 1929 issue, p. 6, c. 1

                              Mrs. Smith A. Thorpe.
  Funeral services for Mrs. Smith A. Thorpe, who died at her home on Broad Street Road Monday, will be held at the residence this afternoon at 2 o'clock. Mrs. Thorpe is survived by her husband and five daughters, Grace, Lottie Lee, Nelie C., Rose Belle and Mrs. W. P. Briel; also five sons, Berkley, Charles W., Hunter, Sidney and B. Wilson.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, January 26, 1927 issue

                            Mrs. Bertha Holt Terry.
LYNCHBURG, VA., June 10.--Mrs. Bertha Holt Terry, 77, widow of R. Stockton Terry, died at her home in the Woodstock apartments here Tuesday morning at 10 o'clock after several weeks' illness. She was a native of Lynchburg and a member of  First Presbyterian church since early childhood. She is survived by a son, R. G. Terry, of Paducah, Ky., and a daughter, Mrs. Elizabeth S. Dingee, of this city. Mrs. Terry was a daughter of the late John White Holt and Mrs. Ella Jane Holt, of this city, and was prominently indentified with the social and church affairs of the city for many  years.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, June 11, 1925 issue, p. 17, c. 7

                               Andrew Jackson Tatum.
PETERSBURG, VA., June 12.-The funeral of Andrew Jackson Tatum was held yesterday afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from the grave in Blandford Cemetery. Rev. F. W. Moore, pastor of Second Baptist Church, officiated.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Saturday, June 13, 1925 issue, p. 11, c. 2

                            Funeral of Rev. J. L. Taylor.
  DANVILLE(? very faded), VA., May 15.-Funeral services were held in Henry County Tuesday for Rev. John Lee Taylor, an aged Baptist minister, who spent sixty years of his life in active ministry. He died at his home at Mayo, in his 80th year, after a brief illness of pneumonia. It is said that he organized more than half of the Baptist churches in the Blue Ridge Association. Until his last illness the minister was vigorous in body and spirit. He was a confederate veteran, and for years had played a leading role in the affairs of the county organization. He belonged to a notbale family of Baptist ministers. His brothers, both well known in the Southern field, are Dr. J. J. Taylor, of Jasper, Ala., and Dr. S. F. Taylor, of Liberty, Mo.     
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, May 16, 1924 issue

TINSLEY.-Died, at 8 P. M. June 28, at his residence, 1222 1/2 West Cary street, Mr. CLEMENT TINSLEY.
Funeral from residence TUESDAY, June 30, at 4 P. M. Friends and acquaintances are invited to attend.
Baltimore, Danville and Newport News papers please copy.
  from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday afternoon, June 29, 1903 issue

THOMAS.-Died, at his residence, No. 214 east Broad street, ay 4:30 o'clock P. M. Wednesday, January 28th, after a protracted illness, Mr. L. B. THOMAS, in the sixty-eighth year of his age.
The funeral services will take place from the Seventh-Street Christian church at 5:30 o'clock P. M. Friday, January 30th.            
from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va.,Thursday, January 29, 1891 issue, p. 3

                                      John A. Turner, Jr.
John A. Turner, Jr., died yesterday in his home, at 1718 Decatur Street, Washington ward. He is survived by his mother, father, two brothers and one sister.
Th funeral will be from the First Baptist Church, South Richmond, at 1 o'clock to-morrow afternoon. 
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, May 22, 1910 issue, p. 4

                                       W. Chapman Tyler.
W. Chapman Tyler, died at 9:30 o'clock yesterday morning at the restidence of his father, 2107 Short  __? Street, Fairmount.
The funeral will be held from the residence at 2 o'clock this afternoon.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, May 22, 1910 issue, p. 4

                                      Walter M. Turner.
Roanoke, Va., May 21.-Walter M. Turner, former city treasurer of Roanoke, died to-day after a long illness, aged sixty-five years. He is survived by a widow.
  from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, May 22, 1910 issue, p. 4

                                Funeral of E. G. Tatum.
The funeral of E. G. Tatum, who was found dead in his home, 1122 Bainbridge street, Wednesday, was conducted at 10 o'clock this morning in the home. The services were conducted by the Rev. H. D. C. Maclachlan, pastor of the Seventh-Street Chrsitian church, assisted by the Rev. J. W. Durham. Those acting as pallbearers were: Dr. O. S. Owens, W. H. Washington, W. H. Owens, E. E. Early, S. P. Bass, M. A. Campbell, P. B. Tunstall and John Z. Walker. The burial was in Maury cemetery.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Friday Afternoon, March 8, 1912 issue,
p. 14, c.1

                                 THOMAS G. TIGNOR.
Thomas G. Tignor, 59, died yesterday at his home, 1622 North 22nd street, and funeral services will be conducted from the residence at 3 P. M. Tuesday, with intermwent at Oakwood.
from "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday, January 14, 1929 issue, p. 18, c. 7

  Funeral services for Emmett C. Taylor, who died at an early hour Monday, will be held from the residence, 109 South Boulevard, Wednesday afternoon at 3 o'clock, with interment in Riverview.
from "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday, January 14, 1929 issue, p. 18, c. 8

                             Mrs. Charles Albert Tyler.
Mrs. Sallie Belle Tyler, the wife of Charles Albert Tyler, of this city, died at the residence of her father, William M. Via, Spring Farm, Louisa county, November 28th, after a lingering illness. She is survived by her husband and one child, father, mother, two sisters and three brothers. Although she had been ill for some time, her death came as a shock to her many friends in this city, where she lived previous to her last illness. Her funeral took place from Mechanicsville Church, Louisa county, Va. Rev. Mr. Flanagan, who officiated at her marriage, conducted the ceremonies.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, December 4, 1906 issue,
p. 8, c. 4

                                        Mrs. E. L. Trice.
Mineral, Va., Dec. 29.--Mrs. E. L. Trice, widow of Anderson M. Trice, after a long and painful illness, died yesterday.
from "The Ledger-Dispatch," Norfolk, Va., Tuesday Afternoon, December 29, 1908 issue

                                         Rebecca C. Tate.
Wytheville, Va., Feb. 20.-A message was received in Wytheville this morning announcing the death of Mrs. Rebecca C. Tate, age 75, which occured a Christianburg last night. The remains will be brought to Max Meadows, Tuesday, where funeral services will be conducted at 1 p. m. Interment will be in the Fort Chiswell cemetery.
She is survived by two children, Mr. Friel Tate, of Roanoke, and Miss Lizzie Tate, of Christianburg.
  from "The Roanoke Times," Roanoke, Va., Wednesday Morning, February 21, 1917 issue, p. 2

At Rocky Mills, on the 5th inst. THOMAS THOMPSON, a native of Ireland-formerly wine merchant in the B____ of Mateieriz(?). and lately a citizen of this G_____. Without attempting to eulogize, the tribute of friendship recites the numerous ______ virtues which conspicuously marked the character if this respectable man, and it is sympathy which mingles the lamentations of an affectionate and amiable wife, with those of a sincere friend!                                 
from "The Virginia Argus," Richmond, Va., Friday, November 15, 1799 issue, p. 3, c. 4
some of the words were difficult to read in the old paper so I placed blanks where they would be

                                          MRS. GAY LEWIS TABB
Mrs. Gay Lewis Tabb, wife of Charles B. Tabb, died today at Hanover. Funeral arrangements have not yet been completed. Mrs. Tabb is survived by her husband and by her parents, Mr. and Mrs. Warner F. Lewis, of Hanover.                               
from "The Richmond News-Leader," Richmond, Va., Thursday, June 5, 1930 issue

                                      Funeral of Robert N. Thomas.
The body of Robert N. Thomas, who died Saturday in the Soldier's Home here, was taken to Caroline county for burial. J. W. Thomas, a brother of the departed veteran, accompanied the body to Caroline county.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday Afternoon, April 29, 1912 issue,
p. 3, c. 7

                                 SAMUEL GARLAND THOMPSON.
Funeral services for Samuel Garland Thompson, who died at his home in Montpelier, Hanover County, will be conducted from the Church of Our Savior, Montpelier, this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. Mr. Thompson who was 93 years old, is survived by two daughters, the Misses Rosa and Myra Thompson, and four sons, T. M. and V. H. Thompson of Montpelier and E. L. and F. W. Thompson of Richmond.
from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, February 3, 1932 issue, p. 14, c. 1

Mrs. Helen Michie Tilley-Remains of Mrs. Helen Michie Tilley, wife of George T. Tilley, wife of whose death occured Wednesday evening a a local hospital, will be taken from the residence, 709 Stockley gardens, to St. Luke's Church, for funeral services this afternoon at 3 o'clock, with the Rev. W. Taylor Willis, rector, officiating. Interment will be private in Forest Lawn Cemetery.
from the "Virginian-Pilot & the NorfolkLandmark." Norfolk, Va. Friday, October 19, 1934 issue, p. 2-part 1, c. 3
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