surnames beginning with D
                         Mrs. Davenport's Funeral.
 The funeral of Mrs. Charles Davenport, who died yesterday in her home at Ellerson, will take place from Shady Grove Methodist church this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock. She was formerly Miss Lillie Belle Baker and lived here most of her life.
from "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday afternoon, May 24, 1910 issue

On Monday, 23d inst., at 6 o'clock P. M., Mrs. C. L. DELANY, in the 27th year of her age.
 The friends of the family are requested to attend her funeral, at Rev. Mr. Hoge's (2d Presbyterian) Church, on Wednesday, 25th instant, at 11 o'clock A. M.
from the "Daily Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, April 24, 1855 issue 

At New Market, in the county of Hanover, on the morning of the 27th, THOS. O. DOSWELL, eldest son of Henley C. Doswell, in the 34th year of his age. 
from the "Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Monday, March 3, 1862 issue  

 On Monday, the 10th instant, ALLAN McRAE, son of George and Mary Dowden, aged 23 months.
 the friends of the family are invited to attend his funeral at the residence of his grandfather, Alexander Brooks, Grace st., this (Tuesday) afternoon, at 81/2 o'clock.   
from the "Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, March 11, 1862 issue

 Objects, the loveliest are the first to fade away. These thoughts have been suggested by the death of little Laura Virginia, youngest daughter of Jno. W. and Jane E. Dinwiddie of Bedford County, Va.,  who died of Typhoid Pneumonia the 2nd inst., aged 8 years. Seldom has it been the lot of that much dreaded disease to lay its withering touch upon one as lovely, as dutiful and as affectionate as little Laura. But she is gone: Gone where the corroding canker of time has no inlet. Grieve not then fond parents of her early exit. Lovely on earth, she is th__(?) lovely in the Paradise of God, whither she been transplanted to join that bright one that preceded her some two years ago.
                "The cherished from our home is gone,
                   The beautiful the loved is dead,
                 The valley's clod(?) doth rest upon
                    Thy gentle form and youthful head.

                 Oh, can it be that we shall hear
                     The music of thy voice no more?
                 Shall thy sweet face no more appear,
                     To greet us at the op'ning door?
                 Then aft gone to thy home above,
                      In thy dear Saviour's arms to rest,
                   Where thou shalt meet with those we love,
                      And be with them forever blest,

                  We would not call thee back again,
                      Earth's dark and dreary pain to tread:
                  For thou art free from grief and pain
                      Our fate, our frail our Laura, dead."
from the "Daily Lynchburg Virginian," Lynchburg, Va, Thursday, August 29, 1861 issue, p. 3, c. 2

 DAVIS.-Died, at St. Sophia's Home, Richmond, Va., December 24th, at 8 P. M., MARGARET A. DAVIS, widow of William E. Davis, Sr., in the sixty-fifth year of her age.
 Funeral took place from the above December 26th, 1891, at 2 P. M.
   Petersburg, Norfolk and Philadelphia papers please copy.    
  from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, December 27, 1891 issue

V. M. Dickerson.
 FREDERICKSBURG, VA., October 5.-Vinton M. Dickerson, a well known citizen of King George county, died yesterday at his home in that county, aged sixty-six years. He was a Confederate veteran, and is survived by his wife and six children.  
from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Saturday, October 6, 1906 issue, p. 3, c. 5

                                                       Frank Dusch.
 NORFOLK, VA., March 24.-Frank Dusch, one of Norfolk's most widely known citizens, died suddenly early this morning at his home, aged sixty-nine years. Mr. Dusch was a native of Norfolk and had lived here all of his life. He had extensive property holdings in this city and Portsmouth. Mr. Dusch is survived by his wife and one son, Walter F. Dusch, one brother, Andrew Dusch, and one sister, Mrs. Hanft, of Norfolk. He was a member of the Cumberland Street Methodist Church, and contributed $25,000 toward the building of that church.
from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, March 25, 1915 issue, p. 3, c. 4

                                                      Robert B. Dalton.
 LYNCHBURG, VA., June 20.- Robert B. Dalton died yesterday at his home here, following a lengthy illness. He is survived by his wife and four children.
from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, June 21, 1923 issue

                                                       Joseph Durham.
 The body of Joseph Durham, who was found dead in bed at his home, 1031 East Olney road Monday night, about 9:30 o'clock, is at the James V. Derry Funeral Home, 346 West Princess Anne road, pending word from Mr. Durham's mother in London, Ky. Funeral arrangements will be announced later.
from  "The Norfolk Ledger-Dispatch," Norfolk, Va., Thursday, July 2, 1931 issue

                                 Mrs. John A. Devine.
 The funeral of Mrs. John A. Devine, who died Tuesday, will be conducted at her residence, 1604 Second Avenue, Highland Park, at 12 o'clock to-day by Rev. W. R. McIlwaine, Jr. The pallbearers will be Robert S. Gray, J. P. Fourqurean, H. G. Ball, A. L. Vandejahe, J W. Friend, C. H. Cross, W. A. Clarke, Jr. and W. G. Quarles. The burial will be in Hollywood Cemetery.
from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, December 29, 1916 issue

                                               JANIE WADDILL DURPHEY.
 Janie Waddill Durphey, about 10 months old, died yesterday in the home of her grandparents, Mr. and Mrs. James M. Durphey, 1405 Grace street, Lynchburg. She was the daughter of Joseph E. Durphey, who died a few days ago.
from  "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday afternoon, May 5, 1908 issue, p. 8, c. 2

                                                 Mrs. Thomas H. Dunn. 
 FREDERICKSBURG, VA., Feb. 6(?).-Mrs. Thomas H. Dunn, died a few days ago at he home, in Middlesex county, after an illness of only two weeks, aged seventy-five years. She is survived by her husband, whose age is the same, and they had been married forty-nine years.
from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, February 7, 1905 issue

                                        Death of Mr. Wilmer DuVal.
  Dr. James F. Du Val received a message yesterday morning announcing the death of his brother, Mr. F. Wilmer Du Val, which occured at his home, near Richmond, in Chesterfield county. Mr. Du Val had been in bad health for more than a year and his death was not unexpected. In the hope that the dry climate of Arizona would be beneficial to him, he went to that section some time ago, but seemed to serive no improvement from his stay there, so he decided to return to his home. 
  Mr. Du Val was in business here for some time and had a great many friends in this city, who will be grieved to hear of his taking off. Mr. James F. Du Val went to his old home yesterday and will remain until after the funeral. He was about 20 years old and unmarried.
from  the "Virginian-Pilot," Norfolk, Va., Sunday, September 3, 1905 issue, p. 13

Channing Delaplane, 72 years old, one of the wealthiest farmers in upper Fauqueir, died in a Washington hospital and was buried Wednesday at his home in that county.                      .
from  "The Daily Star," Fredericksburg, Va., Thursday, April 22, 1920 issue, p. 4, c. 3

                                 SURVIVED HUSBAND BY ONE WEEK.
 Fredericksburg, Va., March 23.- Mrs. Mollie Daffan died yesterday at her home near Ely's Ford, Culpeper county of pneumonia, aged seventy-three years. She survived her husband, Luther Daffan, but one week. Two daughters, Misses Hattie and Lulu Daffan, and one sister survive her.            .
 from  the "Virginian-Pilot," Norfolk, Va., Saturday, March 24, 1906 issue, p. 7,
 c. 4

 DUKE.-At his residence, 144 N. Reservoir Ave., Wednesday, March 21, 1906, at 2:30 p. m., CAPT. Wm. A. DUKE, in the 78th year of his age.
  The funeral will take place from the above residence, FRIDAY, March 23, at 11 a. m. Friends and acquaintances respectfully invited to attend.
from  the "Virginian-Pilot," Norfolk, Va., Thursday, March 22, 1906 issue, p. 3, 
c. 1

                                                   John H. Davis.
 DANVILLE, VA., Feb. 13.-John H. Davis, a well-known lumberman and farmer of Purley, N. C., who died on Saturday, was buried from Providence Church on Saturday evening.
from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, February 14, 1923 issue

                                                         Mrs. Bettie Deane.
 The death of Mrs. Bettie Deane occured at 11:45 o'clock Tuesday morning at the residence of her sister-in-law, Mrs. Cora Thomas, No. 724 North Fifth Street. She was fifty-six years of age.
  The funeral will take place at 9 o'clock this morning from the residence. The interment will be made in Charlottesville.    
 from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, December 17, 1903 issue, p. 10, c. 6

                             Captain James H. Dise.
FREDERICKSBURG, VA., March 23.-Captain James H. Dise, of Northumberland county, died suddenly Thursday of acute indigestion, aged seventy years. He is survived by four children.    
 from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, March 24, 1908 issue, p. 2, c. 7

DICKENSON.-Died, Sunday, March 22d, H. B. DICKENSON, in the fifty-ninth year of his age. 
 The funeral will be held at 11 o'clock THIS (Tuesday) MORNING from the undertaking establishment of L. T. Christian. the burial will be in Hollywood.         
 from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, March 24, 1908 issue, p. 2, c. 8

                                               Mrs. John J. Deacon.
 LYNCHBURG, VA., March 20.-Mrs. Lillie B. Deacon, wife of John J. Deacon, died Monday night at her home, 310 Eighth Street. She was a native of Bedford county. Mrs. Deacon is survived by her husband and four brothers and a sister.       
 from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, March 21, 1923 issue

                                           Warner W. Downer.
 Funeral services for Warner W. Downer, 52, who died yesterday at the residence of his brother, 1424 North Twenty-first Street, will take place this afternoon at 3:30 o'clock from Woody's Funeral Home, with burial in Riverview cemetery. Mr. Downer was the son of Mrs. Mattie Edwards and the late William Thomas Downer, of Enfield, King William County, Va. He is survived by his mother, three sisters, Mrs. D. E. Fleshman, Misses Carrie and Mattie Downer. He is survived also by five brothers, Julian T., Cary W., J. Peyton, Grover C. and William T. Downer.                         
 from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, March 21, 1923 issue

                                                    Funeral of John D. Drinard.
 The funeral of John Dickerson Drinard, 2911 Floyd Avenue, who was drowned in Swift Creek Tuesday afternoon while on an outing with his father and brother, will take place from the residence this afternoon at 4:30 o'clock.                                  
 from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, July 6, 1916 issue, p. 3, c. 5

                                                     Jacob Woods Dudley.
 EAST RADFORD, VA., July 5.-Jacob Woods Dudley died here to-day of neuralgia of the heart while sitting in a chair. He was a builder and contractor. He was born in Pulaski County about sixty years ago, and leaves six brothers and two sisters, all of this neighborhood. They are W. R. Henry S., Jasper, L. P., Walden and M. F. Dudley, and Mrs. Elizabeth Morehead, of Pulaski, and Mrs. D. K. Sturtevant, of Pulaski County. The body was taken to-night to the Sturtevant farm for burial to-morow afternoon. The Masons will conduct the service. Mr. Dudley never married.                          
  from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, July 6, 1916 issue, p. 3, c. 5

                                                    Mrs. Mildred A. Davis.
 Staunton, Va., January 24.-Mrs. Mildred A. Davis died last evening, aged eighty-five years, leaving one son and one daughter. A sister, Mrs. Lucy Lavelle, resides in Washington City, and another, Miss Ellen Smith, in Charlottesville. She leaves also two brothers, one residing in Martinsburg, W. Va., and one in Richmond. Her last illness was due to pneumonia.       
 from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, January 25, 1911 issue, p. 2, c. 7

                                            Mrs. Joseph G. Dickerson.
 Mrs. Annie Coleman Dickerson, 35 years old, wife of Joseph G. Dickerson, died yesterday afternoon at 4:15 o'clock in Grace hospital. Her funeral will take place this afternoon at 3 o'clock from the home, 307 North Twenty-ninth street. The burial will be in Oakwood. Besides Mr. Dickerson, she is survived by three children, four brothers, Clarence W. Henry, Richard and Hawes Coleman and one sister, Mrs. Janie W. Baker. Her widowed mother also survives.                       
  from  "The News Leader," Richmond, Va., Monday, January 3, 1916 issue

                                                    Louis Delarue.
  Ashland, Va., March 18.--Louis Delarue died at his residence here this morning at 2:45 o'clock, after an illness of a few days. He was born December 9, 1820, in Alsace, France. In the fall of 1865 he and his family moved to Ashland, and since  that time he had been one of this town's most respected ctizens. he leaves a son, G. F. Delarue, who was fo years in business with his father; two daughters--Mrs. Henry S. Taylor and Miss Julia E. Delarue--and a number of grandchildren.
  The funeral will take place Sunday at 11 o'clock from St. Anne's Catholic Church, and the services will be conducted by Rev. Joseph Perrig , pastor, assisted by Rev. D. F. Coleman, of South Richmond, who was also at one time pastor of this church. The interment will be at Woodland Cemetery. The following are the active pallbearers: E. L. C. Scott, S. J. Doswell, _? M. Stone, William P. Shelton, N. B. Cross and J. F. Taylor; with D. B. Cox, Dr. C. B. Jones, J. A. Brown, J. L. Saunders, Lorenzo Lane and H. A. Ellett as honorary pall-bearers.                      
 from  "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, March 19, 1911 issue, p. 6, c. 3 & 4 

                                                  Sister Mary Dooley. 
 Sister Mary Magdalen Dooley died at Monte Maria Convent yesterday at 6 P. M. Funeral notice will be given later.     
  from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, January 26, 1927 issue

                                             Mrs. Edgar Dishman.
 PURCELLVILLE, VA., Jan. 25.--Funeral services for Mrs. Edgar Dishman, who died at her home, near Airmont, from pneumonia. She was 40 years old, and is survived by her husband and four small children. Burial was made at Ebenezer.      
 from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, January 26, 1927 issue

    In Petersburg, Va., on the 8th inst., in the 80th year of his age, DAVID DONNAN, Senior, a native of Scotland, but for many years past a resident of this city.                           
   from  the "Richmond Daily Whig," Richmond, Va., Saturday Morning, September 12, 1857 issue, p. 2, c. 4

                                                     E. A. Dinkle Dies.
 HARRISONBURG, VA., April 12.-E. A. Dinkle died at his home in Bridgewater yesterday morning at the age of 52 years. Funeral services will be conducted this afternoon.                        
   from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch" Richmond, Va., Wednesday, April 13, 1921 issue, p. 3, c. 1

                                                 MRS. KATE U. DAHN
 Mrs. Kate U. Dahn died Monday at her home, 2921 West Main Street. Surviving are a daughter, Mrs. E. G. Porter; two brothers, a sister and three grandchildren, William J. Dahn, Jr., Miss Jean Porter and Newton Lee Porter, Jr. Funeral arrangements had not been completed last night.                     
   from  the "Richmond Times-Dispatch" Richmond, Va., Tuesday, October 29, 1940 issue, p. 13, c. 2

                                         C. C. Davis
  C. C. Davis, 74, well known Rose Hill citizen who died at his home last Thursday was buried Saturday.
  Mr. Davis operated the Rose Hill nursery and was active in the community life of the Rose Hill section. He donated the church the property on which it was built, and donated property for a cemetery.
  His funeral was in charge of Rev. Isaac Anderson, who has been a minister at Rose Hill for 50 years.
  Surviving are seven sons and one daughter: Mrs. Monroe Flanary and Silvan, Bernard, Eugene, Melvin, Elmer, Norman and Maurice Davis.
  from  the "Powell Valley News," Pennington Gap, Va., Thursday, April 1932 issue

                                                  JOHN E. DOHERTY.
 John E Doherty died today at his residence, 200 1/2 East Main street. The remains are at Kain's funeral parlors, 327 West Main street, and the hour of the funeral will be announced later. 
  from  the "The Richmond News Leader," Richmond, Va., Tuesday, January 15, 1929 issue, p. 18, c. 8

                                            Charles E. Dickinson.
 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA., June 2.--Charles Edward Dickinson, a prominent civil engineer, died at 11 o'clock this morning at "Ridgemont," the home of his mother, Mrs. Kate Dickinson, not far from Keswick. Mr. Dickinson's death was due to tuberculosis, of which he had been a sufferer for the past year. Six months ago he gave up active business life and removed from Richmond to his former home in the mountains. The funeral will take place from Grace Episcopal Church. Mr. Dickinson married Miss Alice Tinsley, of Richmond, who survives him, with one child. Besides his mother, he leaves two brothers--one a physician in Jamaica, and the other a minister, now a resident of the West.
  from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Thursday, June 3, 1909 issue, p. 2, 
c. 6

                                             Mrs. Harriet W. Dortch.
 BERRYVILLE, VA., Jan. 1--Funeral services were conducted in Grace Episcopal Church, Sunday afternoon for Mrs. Harriet Williams Dortch, 85, whose death occured at Mount Hebron, her home south of Berrysville, following a long period of ill health. Mrs. Dortch was a daughter of the late Allan and Helen Helm Williams, of Clarke County. Her husband, William T. Dortch, a prominent lawyer of Goldsboro, N. C., died in 1899. She is survived by her daughter, Miss Selene Dortch and two sons, Dr. Allan Dortch, of Arkansas City, Kans., and James Tyson Dortch, of New York. A daughter, Miss Helen Dortch was killed in the Knickerbocker Theatre disaster in Washington about six years ago.     
  from the "Richmond Times-Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Wednesday, January 2, 1929 issue, p. 5, c. 1

                                           Death of Mrs. Lucy Doggett.
 Mrs. Lucy Doggett, a most estimable lady, died at her home, No. 1617 Grove avenue, shortly after a long and painful illness. She was 74 years of age, and her life had been one of great usefulness. Up to the time that her health broke down she was an active and ardent member of St. Paul's church.
 Mrs. Dogget was a daughter of the late Dr. Thomas Bohannon, of this city, and a sister of Mrs. M. L. Lorraine, of Richmond, and the late Miles Bohannon, of Lynchburg. She was twice married, her first husband being a Mr. Womble, and her second, Mr. Churchill Doggett(for many years a partner in the firm of George W. Anderson & Sons), both of whom preceded her to the grave. Mrs. Doggett leaves on brother, Dr. Thomas Bohannon, of this city.
 Arrangements for her funeral have not yet been completed.         
 from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Friday, July 2, 1897 issue, p. 7

DIACOUNT.-Died, at his late residence, 1911 east Main street. at 4:35, after a lingering illness, CHRISTIAN DIACOUNT; aged 42 years and 1 month.
 He leaves a wife, nine children, and one brother to mourn their loss.

 He's gone in peace-he sleepeth;
  All his pain and traials are o'er;
 'Tis not the eye alone that weepeth,
  He's at rest forever more.
 The funeral will take place at the German Lutheran church, Eighth and Marshall, at 4:30 P. M TO-DAY. Friends and acquaintaces are invited to attend.
 from "The Richmond Dispatch," Richmond, Va., Sunday, May 29, 1892 issue, 
p. 3, c. 5

Man, Whose Family Lives Near Richmond, Loses His Life Today.
 Petersburg, Va., Jan. 4.--A. T. Dortch, reported to have formerly lived in RICHMOND and Norfolk, but lately employed at Scher Co.'s shoe store in Sycamore street, fell down the stairway in that building this morning, fractured his skull, and died very soon afterward.
 It is reported he had been drinking recently. His widow and children are living near RICHMOND.
 Efforts are now being made to inform Dortch's family of his tragic death. Meanwhile his body is being held in a mogue here.
 from "The News Leader," Richmond. Va., Tuesday, January 4, 1916 issue

                                                  W. D. Duke.
 CHARLOTTESVILLE, VA, October 7.-W. D. Duke, aged forty, proprietor of the Charlottesville Marble Works, expired suddenly of apoplexy this afternoon in his office. Before locating here he was  traveling man. Five years ago he married Miss Agnes Hotopp, daughter of William Hotopp, who was noted in his lifetime as the manufacturer of native wines at his vineyard, Penn Park. She survives with one child.
from "The Times-Dispatch," Richmond,Va., Tuesday, October 8, 1907 issue,
 p. 4, c. 5 & 6
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