Virginia genealogy records searches
WELCOME to this site!
This page is to let you know what Virginia genealogy records I search for and copy if found.
I do these searches for a fee.
I take requests for Virginia genealogy related records and obituaries via email.
I ask for payment in advance as some people never paid me or took weeks or months to do so before.
Fortunately most people are reliable and realize that time and effort are worth something.
And when records are found the fee costs include the cost of copies, postage, envelopes, etc.

At left there are link buttons that will connect you to pages which tell you some of the records that I search for, the fee costs and more information. 

 I am not a professional genealogist, so if you feel like you really need a professional genealogist who may do a broad spectrum of searches there are many who do this, there are lists on the websites of the Virginia Genealogical Society and the Library of Virginia of professional Virginia genealogy researchers. 

While I do the searches at the Library of Virginia, I am not an employee of the library.
I do these searches on my own.

Besides the sites I mentioned which are linked at left of this page I also do some other types of records searches as follows:

Marriage notices from Virginia cities newspapers from 1935-1955,
so Richmond, Norfolk, Petersburg, Lynchburg, Roanoke, Danville, Bristol and more

Virginia old birth records, 1853-1896, there is an index, not all births reported

Virginia old death records, 1853-1896, no completed index yet, only about half of these deaths were reported

Virginia census records, 1810-1930

Marriage notices & obits which are listed in the Henley database on LVA's website 

I accept the following payments:
Paypal or checks 

My name is Beth and if you have any questions about records or fees, or anything else related to these searches please just e-mail me at:

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