Richmond & Norfolk city      Cemetery Interment Cards
If you would like to try to find your ancestors in Richmond and Norfolk city cemetery interment cards then I will be glad to search for them for you.

Here is a list of the cemeteries and the years I can search for:

Richmond city

Evergreen Cemetery               Holy Cross Cemetery
 years: 1929-1993                           years: 1871-1993      

Hollywood Cemetery
  years: 1847-1997

                        Maury and Mt. Olivet Cemetery
                                years: 1877-1982

Oakwood Cemetery                  Riverview Cemetery
  years: 1856-1982                         years: 1888-1982

Shockoe Cemetery                  Woodland Cemetery
  years: 1822-1982                          Henrico County
                                                           years: 1920-1993

Norfolk city

Calvary Cemetery                Elmwood Cemetery
 years: 1920-1990                   years: 1853-1990

Forest Lawn Cemetery      Hebrew Cemetery 
  years: 1909-1991                 years: 1818-1878        

Magnolia Cemetery            Riverside Memorial Park
  years:  1860-1990                years: 1912-1991

West Point Cemetery         Woodland Cemetery
  years:  1877-1977                years:  1920-1993
(most cards 1890-1930) 

 The flat fee per search right now is: $10.00 per name requested.
The payment is now asked for in advance due to non- payment by some people. I will hold onto payments until the work is done.

 Please do not send surnames do send a person's first and last name, date of death or burial if you know it, if not I can check the death certificate indexes for Richmond city from 1902-1954 and for the state of Va. from 1912-1954, that is if you have it down to at least 5 years. And  of course tell me which cemetery's interment cards you want me to  search.

If you would like to send requests then please
e-mail me at:

My name is Beth, thank you.
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