Richmond city death certificates,   
                1870 - 1912
I can  get copies of death certificates of the city of Richmond, Virginia from 1902-1912. These are NOT state of Virginia certificates as the state did not keep death records from 1897-1911. These are certificates kept by the city of Richmond from 1902-1912. 

For 1902 only surnames from P-Z are available.

The flat fee for each certificate search right now is $10.00 whether the certificate is found or not. Please send payment on advance. I will hold onto said payment until the work is done.

The indexes available to me for these are incomplete, they are missing many surnames. So I need rather specific information in order to get you a copy of one of these Richmond city death certificates. 

The information I need from you is:

1. First and last name of deceased.

2. Date of either death or burial

And remember the person had to have died in the city of Richmond in order to have had a death certificate there.

If you would like me to get one or more of these certificates for you then just 

Thank you!
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