Wed in Washington, D. C.
July 4- Joseph J. Williams to Isabella Roberts, both of Richmond city

August 4- William Wood to Sarah R. R. Robertson, both of Richmond city

August 6- James H. Bradley to Annie Lee Perry, both of Richmond city

August 11- Theodor Harbeck to Helen Quistorff, both of Richmond city

June 27- Louis C. Konig to Mary M. Hennessey, both of Richmond city


February 20- William B. Crooks to Cornelia H. Farley, both of Richmond city

March 3- Henry Cronie to Mollie J. McCauley, of Caroline County

April 9- R. B. Hawes to Mary E. Gary, both of Richmond city

April 12- Thomas W. Williams to Mattie D. Crouch, both of Richmond city

August 8- John Clinton, Jr. to Rosabelle Boisseau, both of Richmond city

September- marriage license issued to Charles H. Gray and Nancy Johnson, of Culpeper County

October 22- Joseph E. Austin to Annie Lee Vaughan, both of Richmond city

April 8- John W. Quarles, of Richmond city to Minnie E. Christian, of Charles City County

December- Stephen Crockett to Rebecca A. Brown, both of Tangier Island





July 3- John J. Holzbach, of Richmond city to Ruth Eubank, of Henrico County

July 27- Arthur S. Duke to Mary D. Mitchell, both of Richmond city

December 28- Frank W. Neye to Annie S. Brackett

January 6- R. A. Burton, of Beach's to Ella H. Britton, of Richmond city

March 10- T. T. Adams to Mildred Lipscomb, both of Halifax County

April 5- Robert N. Bass, of Richmond city to J. Estelle McEwen, of Albemarle County

April 22- Frank W. Brown to Carrie B. Phillips, both of Richmond city

January 3- John H. Shotwell to Annie Donald, both of Richmond city

January 26- Clarence Vaden to Fannie Shotwell, both of Manchester city

April 27- Edwin M. Mallory to Emma C. Payne, both of Richmond city

July 6- S. Lee Sangster to Hattie O'Bannon, both of Richmond city

September 9- Owen Ray, of Breakman, Ohio to Mrs. Mary V. Merrett(nee Amos), of Manchester

December 27- J. Thomas Gates to Mary Louise Alvis, both of Richmond city

July 3- George L. Kay, of Hampton to Ada L. Bailey, of Richmond city

July 17- E. Nelson Holt to Ivor May Floyd, both of Richmond, both formerly of Lynchburg

August 28- Frank A. Throckmorton to Bessie Gertrude Staton

August 29- E. L. Bass to Hester Binns, both of Richmond city

October 2- Howard Latone Montague to Effie Hunter Godsey, of Richmond city

November 7- Frederick Stevens, of Texas to Marie Yager, of Charlottesville
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