Wed in Washington, D. C.
January 4- J. Will Mitchell to Carrie F. Pearson, both of Middleburg

January 5- Max Cohen to Essie Kirsh, both of Richmond city 

January 24- John S. Moon, of Lynchburg to May E. Nowling, of Appomattox

January 24- Harry C. Kidwell to Pearl Conner, both of Barton Heights, Richmond city

March 1- Charles T. Pumphrey to Elva A. Howard, both of Richmond city

April 16- John G. Lyon to Maggie H. Lewis, both of Petersburg

April 16- C. Floyd Christian to Bertha L. Bowles, both of Richmond city

June 4- Porter F. Phaup to  Dora F. Mills, both of Richmond city, Dora formerly of New Kent Co.

June 4- Edgar Holmes Fussell to Marian G. Allen, both of Henrico Co.

June 4- Andrew C. Redford to Hallie V. Rice, both of Richmond city

June 4- George A. Bell to Mrs. Margaret A. Woodruff, both of Richmond city
June 20John Murphy to Blanche Wood, both of Richmond city 

June 25- P. C. O'Sullivan to Rosa Ricker, both of Richmond city

July 3- D. A. McMahon to Mary E. Wassmer, both of Richmond city

July 30- Hayes Beckwith, of Fredericksburg, to Elizabeth Muse, of Montross, Westmoreland Co.

September 3- J. W. Coleman to Ruth Brown, both of Lynchburg
September 3- Norwood L. Alcock, of Lynchburg to Marian E. Lambeth, of Richmond city 

September 4- Louis Keppler, Jr. to Emma B. Johnson, both of Richmond city

September 17- W. I. Jones, of Petersburg to Mollie Duncan, of Louisa Co.

September 17William H. Tyree, of Lynchburg to Emma Scott Marshall, of Winchester


January 2- Murray Lee Keisler to Fannie D. Carnifer, both of Roanoke

January 16- Leroy Beach to Flora Nagals, both of Alexandria city

January 31- Harry S. Weems, of Baltimore, Md. to Adah Cosby, of Richmond city 

April 17- Bernard Jones, of Richmond city to Myrtle Russell, of Manchester city 

May 27- Edward M. Trainum to Marie J. Dominici, both of Richmond city

July- Allen Rose, of King George Co. to Rose Lee

July 1- Luther T. Page to Julia Belle Crump, both of Richmond city
July 9- William C. Terry, of Goochland Co. to Mrs. Mary B. James, of Richmond city

July 11- E. Gay Rose to Berta Ley Pitman, of Richmond city

August 12- William Gude to Anita Ophelia Jones, of Richmond city 

August 13- Charles E. Strang to Lottie Mallory, both of Richmond city

October 15William G. Tarrant, of Richmond city to Annie W. Shotwell, of Manchester city

October 15- Malcolm I. Peatross to May Belle Duke, of Richmond city

December 17- Graham Camp, of Caroline County to Lucy Temple Swann, of Richmond city

January 8Oscar Neill Wev to Nellie D. Bosquet, both of Richmond city

January 14- Willie T. Guthrow to Mattie L. Wollard, both of Richmond city

the following licenses issued there January 14:
John E. Stone to Lillian Amber, both of Prince William Co.
Benjamin Stout to Saloma L. Wise, both of Spotsylvania Co.
William L. White to Edma N. Riddick, both of Richmond city
Clarence Wrenn to Lula Constable, both of Fairfax Co.
John S. Rector, of Fauquier County to Ollie F. Mowell

July 6- William R. Mills to Mary Borgus, both of Vienna

July 6- Joseph Kemeraky, of Portsmouth to Annie Toffee, of Washington, D. C. 

September 2- Thomas Scott, of Richmond city to Mary Peel, of Manchester city

September 3- T. F. Butts, of Alexandria city to Nellie Peverill, of Alexandria Co.

October 29- John Marshall Morgan, of Salem to Lillie Wellford Shelton, of Richmond city

November 12- Robert Lawrence Ahles, of New Jersey to Helen Wilmer Kemper, of Albemarle Co.

November 12- Blair Burwell Stringfellow, of Richmond city to Mary Alice Larcombe

December 29-  George Bannister, of Richmond city to Irma Vaughan, of Manchester city

December 31- J. A. T. Shirley to Abrianna Allen, both of Alexandria city

January 20- Frank Kinnear to Ellen B. Robinson, both of Essex Co.

March- N. R. Simmons, of Manchester to Effie McCann

March 2- Walter Preston Tyree to Mary Carter Glass, both of Lynchburg

March 10- Edward B. Poland to Lydia M. Sheffield, both of Ford, Dinwiddie Co.

March 10- Nicodemus Lindsey to Mary P. Vaughan, both of Jetersville, Amelia Co.

April 28- C. R. Miller, of King William County to M. Berta Allen, of Richmond city

July 8- James Rawlings Hubbard to Lillian May Adams, both of Manchester

July 9- Jesse Ira Whitlock to Ella Bowles, both of Richmond city

July 15- Samuel S. Anderson to Salle B. Andrews, both of Caroline Co.

December 9Thomas Cussons to Carrie Holmes, both of Hanover Co.

December 22E. N. Robinson, of Carroll County to Gladys E. Cole, of Richmond city 

April 26 marriage licenses issued to:
Henson A. Mulford, of Five Points, Ala., & Elizabeth G. Flint, of Culpeper 
Thomas M. Weaver & Efffe F. Berry, both of Midland, Va.
Minor H. Jacobs & Annie M. Hall, of Markham, Va.

April 27 marriage licenses issued to:
Eugene Brooks, of King George Co. & Rosie Randall
Grover C. Cocke & Dora E. Pierce, both of Richmond city
Archibald V. Hill Elizabeth Freeman, both of Caroline Co.
Andrew Woodward & Maggie Gallahan, both of Stafford Co.

August 5- W. B. Gray to Frances E. Van Horn, of Chesterfield Co.

December 7- Clarence D. Bird to Wildie Rexraffe, both of Highland Co.

December 7- John H. Fletcher to Harriet Smith, both of Prince George Co.

January 7- Willie Meritt, formerly of Amelia Co., then of Newport News to Lottie Vaughan, of Amelia County

February 6- George P. Perdue, of Chesterfield Co. to Mary Louise Carter, of     
                   Hanover Co.

April 11- Peter Boisseau to Alice Patterson Cunningham, both of Petersburg

May 11- Thomas B. Bigger to Mary Lecky, both of Richmond city

June 7- William E. WiIliamson to Hattie L. Robertson, both of Petersburg

September 20C. Henry Wells to Maggie Leigh Turner, both of Richmond city

January 2- Lawrence Thornhill Wade, of Petersburg to Lillian Epps Cousins, of Amelia Co.

January 15- Charles W. Curtis to Mary Catherine Bullock, both of Petersburg

January 18- Everett C. Aldridge to Mamie L. Phillips, both of Petersburg
February 14- Knox Jones, of Brunswick Co. to Loulie Jones, of Dinwiddie Co.

March 29- John McGary, of Shenandoah Junction, West Virginia to Emma Hopkins, of Richmond city

March 29- Lonnie B. Moody, of Rose Brook to Gracie Sheffield, of Stannersville

March 29- Forrest Lyle to Callie Rhea, both of Millboro

March 29- J. Ham Burns, Jr., of Bolar to Minnie H. Hiner, of Petersburg

March 29- Benjamin F. Garrett, Jr. to Maud E. Sweeney, both of Toano

March 29- John P. Holmes, Jr., of Galveston, Texas to Virginia Mc. Steele, of Middlebrook

March 29- Walter Sisson to Edith F. Swann, both of Alexandria

April 4- Martin L. Anderson to Georgia V. Hicks, both of Richmond city

May 8- Stanley Beasley to Alice Goodwyn, both of Petersburg

June 12- C. C. Taliaferro, of Roanoke to Elizabeth Meade Jones, of Richmond city
October 22- Daniel Rahily, Jr. to Pauline Goodwyn, both of Petersburg

November 14- Edwin Payne, of Crewe to Estelle Perrin, of Painville

February 27- Robert Hughes to Julia Smith, both of Petersburg
April 30- Louis Isaac, formerly of Bath Co. to Emma Hirsch, of Harrisonburg

July 2- George W. Duncan, of Riverton, Warren Co. to Hattie A. Capp

July 2- James D. Harrower, of Newport News to Freddie E. Sanseney, of Wellington

July 2- Herbert F. Keen to Martha McWilliams, of Daysville 

July 4- Richard Fergusson to Essie Andrews, both of Manchester

July 8- Waller W. Ford, of Richmond city to Mattie Rauhoff, of Harrisonburg

July 8- Samuel M. Clegg to Ada V. Alexander, both of Hume, Fauquier Co.

July 8- Elrose Winston to Mary F. King, both of Louisa

August 7- Sebastian Mechler to Lula Allen, of Alexandria

October 16 marriage licenses issued to the following:
Emory H. Thomas & Mary E. Pollard, both of Richmond city
Joseph L. Brackman & Annie S. Collins, both of Bernard
Hugh Ennis, of Petersburg & Adeline M. E. Dunsmith, of New York City
Oliver C. Brown, of Fordwick, Augusta Co. & Bessie Honnihan, of Staunton
Robert Harum & Carrie Hutchinson, both of Falls Church, Fairfax Co.
Robert Mills & Laura A. Purks, both of Summitt, Fairfax Co.
George E. Earman & Mayme E. Peace, both of Staunton
Davenport E. Elgin, of Lewinsville, Fairfax Co. & Mary E. Elgin, of Leesburg, Loudoun Co.
George C. Somerville & Beatrice Hall, unkown where from
Eugene E. Balderson, of Richmond Co. & Hattie L. Miller, of Rockingham Co.
Walter F. Fry, of Jefferson, Md. & Octavia Souder, of Lovettsville, Loudoun Co.
Levi W. Mossburg Lillie P.Kerns, unknown where from
Philip Johnson, of Alexandria & Fannie T. Stewart, of Roanoke
Upshur Wilson, of Cape Charles & Alida H. Eaton, of Roanoke 
R. Wilbert Donaldson, of Ballston Florence M. Mattingly, of Brightwood in D. C.
William O. Martin & May Layman, both of Broadway, Rockingham Co.

November 6- Leslie Collier to Elizabeth Sandford, both of Petersburg

November 9George J. Whitworth to (unknown first name) Talley, both of Manchester city

January 16- Wilfred B. Guerrant to Sadie F. McKenney, both of Richmond city

May 18- Willis F. Britt to Lottie Inez Page, both of Richmond city

June 25- William J. Tucker to Blanche Traylor, both of Petersburg

August 14- Frederick P. Nash to Irene L. Bain, both of Petersburg

September 21- Albert F. Traylor to Annie C. Goulder, both of Petersburg

October 27- E. H. Lewis to Emma J. Saunders, both of Petersburg

December 9- Willie P. Jones to J. H. Poarch, both of Petersburg

May 18Bennie L. Winn to Sudie L. Overby, both of Lunenburg Co.

June 2- Jesse Topping, of Hampton to Lottie Maynard, of Williamsburg

September- Robert Taylor, of Petersburg & Richmond, to Ruby Lipscomb, of Manchester city

October 20 marriage licenses issued to the following:
Robert A. Cousins Eva M. Smut, both of Richmond city
Delmont J. Lockard, of Norfolk & Lola M. Collamore, of Washington, D. C.
Ernest Farmer & Annie Baker, both of Caroline Co.
James F. Earley, of Wilholt & Gladys M. Austen, of Proffit, Albemarle Co.
John P. Campbell & Emma Fauvel, both of Staunton
Wallace G. McCoy & Lillian M. Harris, both of Millboro, Bath Co.
Alfred A. Stagle, of Petersburg Christina Hayes, of McKenney, Dinwiddie Co.
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