Wed in Washington, D. C.
        1885 - 1930
January 26- Marshall Alban Clarke to Amelie O. Hart

February- James S. Bryant to Pearl S. Edmunds, both of Petersburg

February 8- Charles E. Harwood, of Richmond city to Mary Dallas Powell, of Calverton

May 23- W. Brock Whitlock to Mary E. Kuhmlen, both of Richmond city

June 8- James Samuel Beasley, of Petersburg to Minnie Maud Cross

July 14- Robert F. Childs, of Petersburg to Kate Grant, of Church Road, Dinwiddie County

July 14- George Henry Shryock to Emma Mae Maffen, both of Arcola, Loudoun County

August 22- E. B. Cottrell, of New York formerly of Va. to Minnie Reynolds, of South Richmond city

October 10- Johnnie J. Johnstone to Annie Vivian Proffitt, both of Richmond city

October- Cleveland German to Mabel Cornell, both of Fairfax County

October- John S. Gielino to May M. Paul, both of Richmond city

October- William H. Gorman, of Clifton Forge to Susie L. Jewell, of Richmond city

October- Randolph W. Duffer, of Richmond city to Ruby B. Carter, of Chula, Amelia County

October- E. Austin Leitch to Marie A. Taylor, both of Richmond city

July 11- Joseph F. Parker to Effie P. Brown, both of Richmond city

July 11- Hubert W. Butler to Annie L. Vest, both of Richmond city

October 3- W. P. Graves, of Richmond city to Lucy E. Singleton, of Lynchburg

October 19- Hansford Gregory to Ernestine Walker, both of Richmond city

January 2- Walter R. Graepe, of Richmond city to Eva C. Smith, of Hanover County

January 31- Dr. Thomas F. Keen to Georgeanna Taylor White

April 17- William L. Lorch, of Brooklyn, New York to Louise Vial, of Richmond city

April 24- Richard Jackson Taggert, of D. C. to Katherine Pauline Tavenner, of Bluemont

April 24- William Wallace Craig to Alice Inez Layne, of Lee County

April 30- John W. Davis to Anne L. Johnson, of Richmond city

May 17- Grover C. Jones to Gertrude E. Powell, both of Charlottesville

October 30- Clyde Trueheart, of Amelia County to Mattie Dulin, of Richmond city

December 18- William O. Perrin to Mura B. Van Sant, of Powhatan County

February- Caleb Capers Boisseau to Sadie E. Mallory, both of Richmond city

February- Arthur C. Burke to Grace M. Shreve, of Cherrydale

February- Russell Lively, of Roseville, W. Va. to Catherine C. Greaver, of Staunton

February- Cassius H. Cockrill, of Marshall to Margaret M. Murphy, of Rectorstown

February- Warren C. Lucas, of Maybrook to Ethel Thomas, of Roanoke

February- John E. Stewart to Sinclair F. Phelps, both of Clarendon

February- Hugh C. Grimes to Moselle M. Kerns, both of Rectorstown

April 29- Arthur Stacy Wilkinson to Mary Marshall Pence(?), both of Richmond city

September 21- Alan L. White to Ophelia O. Kelsey, both of Disputanta, Prince George Co.

September 21- James B. Bailey to Isabella O. Boisseau, both of Prince George Co.

September 21- William T. Rowlett, of Blackstone to Nellie E. Gosee, of Petersburg

September 21- James Reuss to Minnie B. Rogers, both of Richmond city

October 15- Sydney Payne to Lurley Gary Satterwhite, both of Richmond city

December 15- William M. Miles, of Danville to Mrs. Dora Staplekamp Lowe, of Clayville

December 31- Harry Dygert to Elizabeth Knight, of Richmond city

December 23- Milton Mim to Elvesia Jenkins, both of Amelia County

June- Robert W. Hume to Carrie B. Major, both of Richmond city

June- Robert Flanagan to Lily E. Layne, both of Sax, Va.

June- Manuel R. Shanhaltz, of McLean to Louise Decatur, of D. C.

June- Robert L. McNamee, of Lexington, Ky. to Corinne Waller, of Richmond city

June- Richard P. Chinn to Lydia Boutchyard, both of Fredericksburg

September- Charles H. Hughes, of Richmond city to Mabel Oliver, of Gloucester County

September 14- Miller O'Brien to Sallie Rowlett, both of Amelia County

September- Guy Cabell, of Amherst County to Valentine Rucker Harris, of Lynchburg

October 30- Charles Wellford Pinnell to Pansy Condrey, of Chesterfield County

November 5- James Edward Higgins, of Norfolk to Gladys Lee Rudosille, of Front Royal

November 7- Jean B. Rosenthal to Evelyn A. Rubenstein, both of Richmond city

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